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Vehicles / Vehículos Reviews

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Have you read or listened to Vehicles / Vehículos? If so, we’d love to hear your thoughts on it! Your review could help others decide whether to pick up the book and discover its magic. So don’t hesitate to share your opinion.

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Thanks @boohqbooks for a digital preview of HOLA HARRY: A HIGH-CONTRAST BILINGUAL BOOK FOR BABIES AND TODDLERS by Katrina S Gallagher, out tomorrow!

This book is visually delightful with modern images for each of the 28 words provided in both English and Spanish. It reminds me a lot of The Noun Project in that the images resemble digital icons with rounded... Read more


/ Book Reviewer, Librarian, Embroidery Artist

“Hola Harry” is a fantastic book for introducing young children to a new language. My daughter really loved the book. The illustrations are simple but engaging and with clear text that makes it perfect for teaching basic Spanish vocabulary. It does away with excess visual clutter which really helps focus on the illustrations . My little one found the black and white images visually quite stimulating which helped with engagement... Read more

Saika Saraf

/ mum of Enayra, age 3.5

"This is a lovely book, introducing lots of useful words for babies and toddlers to learn in English and Spanish. My children love the high contrast pictures."

Emma Rose

/ mum of Leah, age 2 and Amara, age 9 months
Jonny Lord

"This is book is really different and useable, even without the bi-lingual aspects. The words and icons are so easy to see and describe and, unlike many children's books we have used with our son, you can read it in low light! White text on dark background is a stroke of genius for bedtime. Strongly recommended."

Jonny Lord

/ Katrina’s partner, and father of Jacob, age 3.5

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Vehicles / Vehiculos