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Language Learning Journal For Kids

Language Learning Journal for Kids – B5 Size

Unleash your child’s linguistic potential with our B5 journal tailored for young learners! Filled with engaging features such as language goals, practice trackers, and weekly prompts, it promotes creativity, understanding, and consistency in learning a foreign language. Undated and vibrantly designed with coloured pages and simple imagery, this journal ensures a structured yet fun-filled approach. Dive deep into language and culture, making learning personal, memorable, and delightful. A perfect companion on their language journey!

Perfect Bound

Discover the Joy of Learning a New Language!

Nurturing your child’s passion for learning a foreign language has never been so fun and organised. Our beautifully designed B5 size journal is specifically tailored for young learners, providing them with a structured yet playful approach to mastering a new language.


Language Goals: Help your child set clear and achievable objectives for their language journey. A focused approach ensures they understand their progress and can celebrate their achievements.

Practice Tracker: Consistency is the key to mastering a new language. This section encourages regular practice and lets them monitor their progress daily.

Weekly Prompts: Spice up their learning routine! These prompts inspire creativity, enhance vocabulary, and improve sentence construction. Each week brings a new challenge to keep them engaged, and there are spaces to doodle images to help them visualise and remember the phrases.

Book Tracker: Encourage reading in your child’s chosen language. A dedicated section to list down and track the books they’ve read, aiding in vocabulary expansion and cultural understanding.

Film Tracker: Movies are a great way to improve listening skills and get acquainted with the cultural nuances of the language. Here, they can jot down films they’ve watched and their insights.

Music Lyrics: Let your child dive into the rhythm of the language. This section lets them write down and understand their favourite song lyrics, promoting a deeper connection to the language’s soul.

Your Favourite Phrases: A special place for them to pen down those catchy phrases, idioms, or expressions that resonate with them, making language learning personal and memorable.

Undated Design: The journal allows kids to learn at their own pace. Start any day of the year, skip a day, or jump back in. Tailored to their unique learning journey!


  • Size: B5 – Perfect for little hands and spacious for all their notes.
  • Simple Imagery: Illustrations that help show what each section is about, simple enough that they won’t distract.
  • Coloured Pages: Bright and lively hues designed to keep children engaged, making their language learning experience even more delightful.

Give your child the opportunity to dive deep into a new world, understand different cultures, and boost their cognitive skills. The Language Learning Journal for Kids is more than just a notebook; it’s a companion on their linguistic adventure!

Add to your basket now and make language learning an unforgettable journey for your child!

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