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Valentine’s Day Colouring Card


Free Valentine's Day Colouring Card: Printable PDF: English & Spanish

Celebrate Love This Valentine's Day with
Our Unique, Bilingual Colouring Card Designed Especially for Children.


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Dear parents and preschool teachers,

Are you on the lookout for a special and engaging activity for Valentine’s Day? We’re excited to offer a FREE Valentine’s Day colouring card for children to express their love and creativity. Sign up for our newsletter today and gain instant access to this wonderful, printable card.

Here's What You'll Receive:

Did You Know? Valentine's Day Is Celebrated Around the World in Unique Ways!

Valentine’s Day has roots in ancient Roman traditions and Christian history.

Saint Valentine, as historical records suggest, was a figure from the 3rd century who lived in Rome. He is celebrated for his role as a priest and, in some accounts, also as a physician. His life during a time of persecution for Christians under Emperor Claudius II Gothicus is notable for acts of kindness and love.
Valentine was martyred and buried along the Via Flaminia, and his legacy is honored on February 14th in Western Christianity and July 6th in Eastern Orthodoxy.

While specific details of his life remain sparse, Saint Valentine is revered as the patron saint of lovers, epileptics, beekeepers, and the city of Terni, embodying the spirit of courtly love that is celebrated worldwide on Valentine’s Day.

Valentine's Day is a day filled with love, affection, and heartfelt gestures.

Here’s how it’s celebrated in different places:

Country How it’s celebrated
In the UK and the US:
  • People exchange cards, chocolates, and flowers with loved ones, a tradition that symbolises affection and care.
  • Schools often encourage children to participate in Valentine’s Day projects, such as making cards for their classmates, fostering a sense of friendship and appreciation from a young age.
  • It’s also popular for people to dine out at restaurants or share special meals at home, celebrating love in various forms.
In Australia and Canada:
  • Valentine’s Day themed parties and events are common, celebrating love among not only couples but also friends and families, highlighting the inclusive nature of the holiday.
  • Many communities host friendship days, picnics, or group activities that focus on the joy of companionship, reflecting the broad interpretation of love.
  • Schools and community centres may organise crafts and storytelling sessions centred around the theme of love and caring for others.
In Spain:
  • The day is marked by the exchange of gifts and romantic dinners, with a strong emphasis on showing love and gratitude to significant others.
  • Children often participate in making cards and crafts, which are then given to family members and friends, spreading joy and love within the community.
  • In addition to romantic love, there’s a significant focus on celebrating friendships, with small gatherings and gift exchanges to honour those special bonds.
In Latin America (Día del Amor y la Amistad – Day of Love and Friendship):
  • This day is celebrated by showing appreciation not just to romantic partners but also to friends, encompassing a wider celebration of love and companionship.
  • People exchange tokens of appreciation, such as letters, chocolates, or small gifts, with both friends and lovers, reinforcing the importance of all relationships.
  • Community events, such as dances and concerts, are common, providing spaces for people to gather and celebrate love in all its forms.
  • Schools may organise activities that allow children to learn about the value of friendship and love, encouraging them to express their feelings through art and messages.

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Embrace the Spirit of Love and Affection
This Valentine's Day!

Valentine’s Day is a beautiful occasion to show love and appreciation for those important to us. Make unforgettable memories by colouring this enchanting, bilingual card with your child. Sign up for our newsletter now and unlock your FREE Valentine’s Day colouring card, perfect for sharing with those you care about!

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We’re thrilled to share the joy of Valentine’s Day with you and your children!
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