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Katrina S Gallagher


Katrina S Gallagher is a new author and digital marketer practising in analytics. She began writing books for her son and her friend’s children. Her background in digital marketing and analytics has influenced her writing style, incorporating data-driven ideas to make her books even more beneficial for young readers. Katrina lives with her partner and 3-year-old son, who loves her books and inspired her to keep writing.

Her first book, “Hola Harry,” is a high-contrast bilingual book for babies and young children in English and Spanish. The book features simple words that start with “mummy” and “daddy” and include items that a baby might see through the day, ending in a comfy bed. The list of words included in the book is derived from the most commonly learned and most useful words and words that can be visually represented for babies.

Katrina’s books stand out from other children’s books because they combine the high-contrast format commonly used for babies with a bilingual element. Her books are designed to help babies and young children learn languages, and they feature simple words and clear high-contrast shapes that capture a child’s attention. Katrina’s writing is straightforward, making her books an excellent choice for parents who want to give their children a strong foundation in language learning.

Katrina’s digital marketing expertise is also incorporated into her writing style, and she incorporates scientific research and data-driven ideas into her work. While her first book was written from the heart, the follow-up books she has written are designed with search volumes in mind, with a focus on meeting the needs of her target audience. She combines her digital marketing expertise with her passion for writing to create innovative books that engage and inspire young readers.

Katrina has a dedicated team of experts who help her produce her books, including her trusted formatting specialist Luís; and Surjit, who develops her website. She has been working with Luis and Surjit for over 10 years. She also collaborates with translators and voice artists from around the world to produce the corresponding audiobooks with native voices. The audio is edited – background music and sound effects are added, and the audio is mastered to ensure the highest quality product for her readers. Finally, an Ebook formatter helps to bring her digital publications to life.


Looking to the future

Katrina plans to continue working in digital marketing while pursuing her passion for writing children's books. She has several upcoming projects, including "Bonjour Bonnie!" (in English and French), "Ciao Clara!" (in English and Italian), "Hallo Hannah!" (in English and German), and the English and Spanish series continues with Christmas/Navidad, Halloween, and Animals/Animales.


Each book is designed to build on the success of "Hola Harry" and introduce young readers to new languages. Katrina plans to continue developing and exploring new ideas and themes in her writing, using her expertise in digital marketing to promote and share her work with a broader audience.

Katrina S Gallagher

“I’m grateful for the positive response to my first book, and  hope to inspire a love for reading in young bilingual readers everywhere. Be sure to check out “Hola Harry” and stay tuned for more exciting releases in the future!”


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Reviews Quote

Thanks @boohqbooks for a digital preview of HOLA HARRY: A HIGH-CONTRAST BILINGUAL BOOK FOR BABIES AND TODDLERS by Katrina S Gallagher, out tomorrow!

This book is visually delightful with modern images for each of the 28 words provided in both English and Spanish. It reminds me a lot of The Noun Project in that the images resemble digital icons with rounded... Read more


/ Book Reviewer, Librarian, Embroidery Artist
Reviews Quote

“Hola Harry” is a fantastic book for introducing young children to a new language. My daughter really loved the book. The illustrations are simple but engaging and with clear text that makes it perfect for teaching basic Spanish vocabulary. It does away with excess visual clutter which really helps focus on the illustrations . My little one found the black and white images visually quite stimulating which helped with engagement... Read more

Saika Saraf

/ mum of Enayra, age 3.5
Reviews Quote

"This is a lovely book, introducing lots of useful words for babies and toddlers to learn in English and Spanish. My children love the high contrast pictures."

Emma Rose

/ mum of Leah, age 2 and Amara, age 9 months
Reviews Quote

"This is book is really different and useable, even without the bi-lingual aspects. The words and icons are so easy to see and describe and, unlike many children's books we have used with our son, you can read it in low light! White text on dark background is a stroke of genius for bedtime. Strongly recommended."

Jonny Lord

Jonny Lord

/ Katrina’s partner, and father of Jacob, age 3.5