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Press Kit for Animals / Animales

Introducing Your First Bilingual Animal Book (Spanish & English).

This is the ideal place to begin your animal-loving child’s linguistic journey!

10% of author profits for this book go to Triple A Animal Sanctuary in Marbella.

You can further support the amazing work that they do at Triple A, by donating directly, sponsoring an animal, and if you're in Marbella, volunteering.

Our straightforward bilingual book, presented in English and Spanish, has been thoughtfully developed to captivate and stimulate your child’s inquisitive mind. It also encourages early brain development. This book introduces a variety of animal names with corresponding simple icons, making it fun and engaging for your child.

Reading at bedtime has always been a treasured tradition for parents and their children. With this in mind, we’ve ensured the text in our book is large and readable even in soft light. This makes it an ideal companion for a calming bedtime routine.

Research shows that early exposure to books and storytelling boosts children’s language skills, fuels their imagination, and contributes to emotional intelligence. By engaging in shared reading, you strengthen your bond with your child and create a platform for communication and interaction.

One of the key benefits of our book is promoting bilingual skills. This has been associated with enhanced cognitive skills such as executive function, problem-solving, and overall cognitive flexibility. Our book is like a simple, bilingual animal picture dictionary that sets the foundation for language development in your child. This prepares them for lifelong success.

In addition, high-contrast images in black and white benefit babies and young infants by promoting sensory development and forming early image recognition skills. Our book, with its simple animal icons, is designed to grab and maintain young infants’ attention, stimulating and strengthening neural connections in their visual cortex. This helps them develop recognition skills for tasks later in life, such as reading and object recognition.

Our bilingual book is a fantastic tool to introduce your child to the exciting world of reading and animals, promoting cognitive, linguistic, and social-emotional development. Secure a copy today, and begin your child’s reading journey!

Katrina S Gallagher

Katrina S Gallagher is a new author and digital marketer practising in analytics. She began writing books for her son and her friend’s children. Her background in digital marketing and analytics has influenced her writing style, incorporating data-driven ideas to make her books even more beneficial for young readers. Katrina lives with her partner and 3-year-old son, who loves her books and inspired her to keep writing.


Katrina S Gallagher

/ Author


Animals / Animales is a bilingual book for babies and toddlers that combines Spanish and English. It's the second in the series, following Hola Harry, and features commonly used animal names. The book is perfect for parents looking to promote bilingualism in their children, particularly for those who love animals.

Key Features

Bilingual book that promotes language learning

High-contrast design that engages young readers

Perfect for babies and toddlers

Includes Spanish and English translations on each page



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